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Kingston’s Most Recognizable Historic Inn

Your Home in Kingston

Where friendly service, modern amenities, and historical charm meet.
We take pride in giving you a place to feel at home when visiting Kingston. Our warm hospitality will leave you feeling welcomed and give you an enjoyable stay. The rich history and perfect location are fantastic assets to this property, but it is the hospitable service that makes the Hochelaga Inn feel like your Kingston Home.

We believe that the key to our busy, daily-lives, is human connection. Our team here is like a family, and we look after each other. We like to share this and welcome our guests to our special home.

We are passionate about hospitality and creating an amazingly memorable experience that will last a lifetime. It is truly the invaluable intangibles that create that experience, and for us, we want to leave each individual feeling welcomed, happy, and like this is your home in Kingston. That‘s what drives us to want to be here everyday.


Corey Duke-Laplante

General Manager

Your home in Kingston

Our history

The City of Kingston was originally named Cataraqui. Later referred to by European immigrants as King’s Town in honour of King George III and shortened to Kingston in 1788. This beautiful town was chosen as the first capital of the United Province of Canada on February 10, 1841. The city is midway between the major cities of Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, making it a frequent stop for many travellers for over 200 years. Kingston is a popular tourist destination for its rich history and proximity to the Thousand Island region. Kingston has been nicknamed the "Limestone City" due to the many buildings being constructed using an abundance of local limestone. Hochelaga Inn joins the rich history of Kingston and is an iconic Heritage property designated by the province of Ontario.

Mayor of Kingston

This Victorian-styled mansion was built for John McIntyre, a prominent lawyer that also served as Mayor of Kingston in 1878. The property was originally inherited by Harriet MacPherson who is known as a niece of Sir. John A. Macdonald and became John McIntyre’s wife in 1877. The construction began in 1878 in the beautiful Sydenham Ward District and was completed in 1879. Architected by the famous Joseph Power, this three-storey red brick building features elaborate wood and brick decoration. The details in the design, wood carvings, and overall construction of the building is what makes it so unique and one of a kind.

Bank of Montreal
Bank of Montreal Coat of Arms 3

In 1907, the Bank of Montreal’s Hochelaga Foundation purchased the property from John McIntyre and owned it until they sold it in 1933. The building served as the Manager’s residence and an executive retreat for employees traveling between Montreal and Toronto. It was the Bank of Montreal that moved the main fireplace to the middle of the dining and living room to create a gorgeous double-sided fireplace that shares a warm live fire for relaxation in both the dining and living room. This era of the property’s history is honoured through its name. Hochelaga is an Iroquois word for the land that the City of Montreal is built on today; and it means ‘beaver dam’.

Sydenham Apartments

After 25 years of ownership, the Bank of Montreal sold the property in 1933 to John McCullogh, who converted the large mansion into 11 apartment units. The building was later sold to Gordon Bale & John Rutherford. In the 52 years-time that the large Victorian-mansion operated as an apartment building, it unfortunately began to show its age and become a little bit run- down. Even to the point that there were discussions rumbling in Kingston to potentially have the building condemned.

Someplace Different

In 1985, the property was purchased and theoretically saved by a Picton based hospitality company called “Someplace Different Hospitality Group”. They completed grand renovations that turned this old building with 11 apartments into a beautiful 22 room hotel with a private ensuite bathroom in every bedroom. While making it beautiful and luxurious for its time, they managed to keep ample amounts of the nearly century-and-a-half worth of history. As can be imagined, this was not a simple flip-renovation. It took extensive planning and years to complete.

Hotel Hochelaga
IMG_8160 copy

The Hochelaga has seen a few different owners over the years but has always continued to operate as a bed & breakfast Inn since it’s transformation in 1985. In July of 2021, the Hochelaga was purchased by ACE Kingston Hospitality Inc. We truly believe in the property and our vision is to provide modern and luxurious hotel amenities, continuing our reputation for exceptional guest service, and providing a comfortable and inviting environment, all while maintaining the rich 142-year history of the property. We are currently busy planning for renovations to begin in the near future. Stay tuned for the new chapter of this property’s amazing journey!

Iconic Victorian Architecture

The Hochelaga Inn’s construction was completed in 1879; designed by Power and Sons, a company lead by Joseph Power and his father John Power. They are responsible for the architectural design of many Kingston buildings that were constructed between 1845 and 1890 (including the McIntosh Castle next door). This building was built on limestone foundation, erected with classic red brick, and decorated with stunning woodwork and some gothic accents, classic to Victorian architecture.

The Hochelaga Inn Patio, Kingston, Ontario